Pipe Infrastructure and Poly Welding

Pipe Infrastructure and Poly Welding

Pipe-Infrastructure-and-Poly-Welding-01High-Density Polyethylene

Experience and industry knowledge ensure Whitehouse Group Qld Pty Ltd are equipped to provide you with high level advice and products to complete your water and pipe infrastructure projects.

Comprehensive projects in mining, civil and agricultural industries have included designing, supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing HDPE pipe, along with other composition pipe materials.

Our focus on safety compliance and quality control guarantee’s workmanship is of a high standard on all tasks completed.

Poly Welding

WGQ specialize in poly welding services including extrusion, electrofusion and butt welding, offering flexibility to meet your poly welding needs.  Our experienced team of technicians can assist you with your bulk pipe welding requirements with our modern equipment and technology.

We are capable of fulfilling your bulk pipe welding needs ranging from 110mm up to 355mm with the option to weld larger diameter pipes if required. We currently have a range of modern specialised poly welding equipment including:

  • Þ Ritmo 355 all-terrain dual high pressure auto welder
  • 4 x HF350 Single pressure manual Dixon welders
  • Caldaur Electrofusion machine
  • Leister extrusion welding machine

Pipe-Infrastructure-and-Poly-Welding-02Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Additional services include the installation of water tanks and water systems, including automated valving and flow meters. With our range of equipment, all pipe work and water lines can be trenched   to protect the integrity of the pipe.  We also offer onsite repair works for all your poly products, including water tanks and polylines.

Quality Assurance Certification

Using modern technology and equipment,WGQ can offer data logging and GPS logging, providing our clients with the confidence that all works are of a high standard and meet quality control and assurance benchmarks.

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