Water Management and De-watering Systems

Water Management and De-watering Systems

Water-Management-and-De-watering-Systems-02Water Management

Whitehouse Group Qld Pty Ltd provides total water management advice and solutions for civil projects and mining dewatering systems.  With extensive experience and a highly trained team of professionals, we guarantee to deliver expert advice and a quality assured service and product to our clients.  Our water management practices are integrated with robust safety systems to ensure compliance to best practice industry standards whilst meeting our clients objectives.  We can provide quality equipment and labour hire to manage major projects or mining operations. 


Our comprehensive scope includes the design, installation, supply and management of pit dewatering systems and operations.  With a qualified team of maintenance specialists, we are able to provide operational and maintenance management of de-watering equipment including high wall, skid and pontoon pumps.

WGQ also have experience in operational maintenance of automated water systems and CHPP water systems, providing water recycling management to processing plants.

Project management has comprised of the installation and commissioning of pumps and piping infrastructure in a variety of contexts, including the subsequent maintenance and operational management of the pumps and pipe systems.

Water-Management-and-De-watering-Systems-01Water Reduction and Dust Suppression

WGQ are equipped to manage your dust suppression needs with an equipped fleet of water trucks available for hire. Additionally, our technicians can assist in designing and building suppression sprinkling systems to meet your requirements.

Water reduction management can also be managed in conjunction with dust suppression requirements and integrated into project civil works and mine site operations.  We have a range of water pumps for hire to meet the needs of your water management needs.

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